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Ceramic Mold Materials: An Overview of Our Products

The creation of high-quality molds is essential for achieving successful end products.
The use of ceramic mold materials, such as resins and matrices, is becoming an increasingly popular option among manufacturers.
Each production process requires the selection of the right mold resin and mold matrix for the production of ceramic molds.

Mold resins are available in various types and offer a wide range of features that meet the needs of any manufacturer. In addition, casting resins for molds are another advantageous option for ceramic manufacturers.

Mold matrices are available in various shapes and sizes, depending on the specific production requirements, and are used to create precise and durable molds.
Choosing the right products can make a difference in creating high-quality and successful end products.

  • Resins for moulds

  • Casting resin for moulds

  • Resin matrices

  • Gypsum-resin matrix

  • Madreforma plaster moulds

  • Casting elastomers

  • Moulds for epoxy resin

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