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Mould Makers Size Soft Soap


Mould Release Soap: What is it used for?

Our Mould Release Soap is specially formulated to prevent adhesion between surfaces, making the removal of molds or casts easier without causing damage.

When working with molds or casts, adhesion can be a significant issue. Without an effective release agent, the material used for the molds or casts can stick and adhere, making it challenging to remove them without causing damage.

This can lead to breakage, deformations, or imperfections in the final pieces, resulting in production delays and additional costs for repairs or replacements. Our Mould Release Soap efficiently solves this problem:

  • Simplifies the removal process by reducing the time and effort required to separate the molds or casts from the material.

  • Improves production efficiency, saving time in various applications, including ceramic sanitaryware manufacturing.

  • Preserves the quality of the molds or casts by preventing damage or deformations.

How to use the Mould Release Soap:

Mould Release Soap is easy to use!

It comes in a formula that can be diluted in cold water from 25% to 50% and can be applied with either a brush or a sprayer, offering flexibility in application. Excess material can be easily removed with a sponge.

Our gypsum release soap is an essential component in the production of gypsum molds in the ceramic sanitaryware industry. Its ease of use makes it the best choice for your investments.

Choose quality every time!

Mould Release Soap lies in its versatility and pH-neutral formula, making it suitable for all types of molds. Regardless of the complexity of the shape or the material used, our product delivers exceptional performance.

After demolding, you will notice that the mold remains clean and free from gypsum residues. This is essential to ensure the quality and precision of subsequent pieces, avoiding defects or imperfections.

Our formulation has been specially designed to preserve the absorbency of the mold within the gypsum cast, ensuring that each raw piece is flawlessly crafted.

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